“Old God sure was in a good mood when he made this place.” - Hunter S. Thompson

All Together Now

The Talcott Mountain Collective was conceived in spirit five years ago with a vision to bring together the best of local creations and services across food trucks, beverages, entertainment and more. We intended to collect it all under a single roof for the public to enjoy. The only problem – we were not able to identify the right location to offer a truly differentiated and unique experience. So we waited for it to avail itself…

And avail itself it did!

Set against 75 acres of space, where Greater Hartford meets the Farmington Valley, our initial vision provided a foundation that gave rise to even more exciting possibilities: Four Seasons of indoor/outdoor experiences enabled by a spacious interior that allows for safely distanced interior gathering, and adjacent grounds that support outdoor fire pits, activities like cornhole, yard games, disc golf, music, or just a tranquil reflection in nature.

As we open our doors to the public, we do so with the promise that we will not remain static. We are ever-contemplating, ever-envisioning, ever-tinkering and ever-welcoming to all.

Our Logo

Bells have been used for thousands of years to serve a purpose – to provide a sounds that informs us of something – a call to commence, to cease, to reflect, to eat, and on and on. Symbolically, bells have come to represent the broadening of consciousness.

Located up on the hills of the legacy golf course, there stands a towering bell that golfers would ring to confirmWe are out of reach – you won’t hit us with your golf ball!” The bell remains a fixture of the landscape, open for all to ring and echo across the valley, and inspired us to install an additional Crystal Metal Farm Bell within our immediate grounds.

The Talcott Mountain Collective chose a bell for its logo, serving both as a powerful symbol and mechanism to answer the calls from the hills above, and signal to the broader community that the doors are open.


We will Have a Late Opening On Saturday, April 22. Please Join Us at 4:30pm.

Thank you for understanding!

We Will Be Playing The UCONN game This Saturday Night on all TVs. Game Time 8:49 PM.
Come support your huskies!

Upcoming Live Acts